The Place Where You Are, God Circled On A Map

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my blog. As I begin this endeavor of entering the virtual world, I am beginning to realize how challenging blogging is. Some of the challenges include the following:

  • There is not a clearly defined audience
  • The audience is limited to…the whole world
  • One must be consistent when blogging, both in time and in tone
  • A blog must be long enough to explain but short enough to entertain
  • Words can be interpreted in soooo many ways

Despite the challenges, here I am. I am not claiming to be an expert blogger, writer, story- teller, or editor. In fact, I would ask you to think of me on the complete opposite spectrum of “expert” in hopes that that will forgive the many errors that will occur.

Now that my disclaimer has been made, let me explain a little about me.

I am a Christian; and the fact that this statement is the first thing my readers will know about me, shows that my identity as a Christian is important to me. That does NOT mean my blog will be explicitly Christian, but it does mean that a lot of my thoughts, ideas, or how I see life is largely shaped by my beliefs. Which brings me to the title of this post.

I once was walking around a street fair when I decided to stop and watch a street-performer. The man was a talented musician, but his talent was not what caught my attention. “The place where you are, God circled on a map for you” he sang. Those words reminded me that God has a plan for each of us, yes all 7 billion (or however many there are) of us.  I believe in having a specific and unique plan for us, God must also care about each one of us. I also believe we have a choice in how we respond to God’s plan, it is not and never will be imposed upon us. And yes, Life happens sometimes….there are things beyond are control, there are unexpected changes,  there is suffering, etc. but I believe that God is with us and his plan for our lives is not altered even when we encounter Life’s difficulties.

My blog will narrate pieces of my life, with all Its bumps and bruises, as God unfolds his plan for me. Hopefully you will be there to support me as I share my blessings and trials. At the very least, I hope my blog will help me keep you informed of what is going on in my life.




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